My practice considers the ways in which landscape and nature are situated in the everyday. In particular, I am interested in how nature is sited within the domestic space and how landscape is mediated through popular digital technologies. The landscape image is often utilized in my work as a point of entry in the construction of personal and familial narratives, or in the creation of extensive collections of visual information. Working predominately in 2d media, I am interested in drawing as an action that engages both real and imaginary spaces, used simultaneously as a method of fictional storytelling and astute record-keeping. The decorative is also employed as an organizational framework in the examination of a subject or theme; I often utilize handmade patterns and motifs as structures for the enumeration of collected images or information. Finally, my work explores the potential of the two-dimensional surface to create space for alternative modes of visual perception, using repetition, transparency and various optical illusions to solicit a heightened state of visual attention.


Noelle Wharton-Ayer is a visual artist who lives and works in Quebec City, Canada. Originally from the Greater Toronto Area, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University in 2010, and a Masters in Visual Arts from Université Laval in 2017. She has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Ontario and Quebec, and her work is featured in collections in both Canada and the United States. She has been participated in numerous artist residencies across eastern Canada, most recently at Atelier Imago in Moncton, New Brunswick, and Presse Papier in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. She currently works as the studio technician at Engramme in Quebec City.

Curriculum Vitae